First Aid Seminars

Health Care Training Ltd conducts first aid seminars for companies and organizations in Cyprus, which are approved and certified by the Department of Labour Inspection of the Ministry of Labour of Cyprus with certificate number

Moreover, our seminars fully meet the minimum requirements of the Cypriot legislation on health and safety at work (Regulations of 2009), as well as the specifications of the world safety and health organization.

Our first aid seminars ensures that participants, in an emergency they will be able to help a fellow citizen being in need. Depending on the needs of each company in first aid, either the 6-hour first aid course at work or the 18-hour first aid course at work maybe chosen.

It is prominently noted that all the trainers who teach in our seminars are health professionals, such as doctors and nurses, which adds even more value to the training that the participants receive. In addition, we assure that our trainers are certified by the Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) and you can submit, with our guidance, an application for funding from the HRDA, receiving back the entire amount of money you will pay.

All our seminars take place at the place and on the day that suits you and you can express your interest by contacting us directly at 7000 9903.

In order to prove our high-quality education, we attach you these:

Some Companies/Organization That Attended Our First Aid Seminars: