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Health Professionals Seminars

Health Care Training Ltd occurs nursing-based seminars that refer to the health professionals, with the help of our experienced and educated trainers, such as doctors and nurses.

More specifically, accredited seminars by CyNMA are held and are referred to nurses and also funded seminars by HDRA are held for all the private hospitals of Cyprus.

List of Health Care Professional Seminars

1. Assessment of Critically ill Patient.

2. Post operative care and prevention of Complications. Peripheral IV Cannulation and Blood Transfusion.

3. Vital Signs: Their Importance and the Correct way of assessment. Physical and Psychological Health of Patients.

4. Water and Electrolytes Imbalances: Assessment and treatment.

5. Nursing care of Patient with Heart Failure and Pulmonary Edema

6. The Unconscious Patient, Risk of Bed Sores and Urinary Bladder Catheterization Procedure.

7. Acute Coronary Syndromes: New Guidelines for Treatment and Nursing Care.

8. Infectious Diseases, Cross Infection and Patients Care.

9. Acute Life-Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment: (Anaphylaxis, Poisoning, Asthma, Hypovolemia)

10. ECG Rhythm Recognition: Arrhythmogenic Disorders

11. Electroshock Therapy: Safe and Effective Manual Defibrillation.

12. ECG Rhythm Recognition: Conduction Disorders

13. Mechanical Ventilation: Theory and Practice

14. Patient with Respiratory Problems: Medical Treatment and Nursing Care.

15. Patent with Neurosurgical Problems: Medical Treatment and Nursing Care. (Prolapse Lumbar Intervertebral Disc – Head Injuries.)

16. Patient With Tracheostomy and several ways of Suctioning.

17. Medications: Indications, Actions, Side Effects, Contra Indications and Nursing Responsibilities.

18. Haemodynamic Monitoring.

19. Protocols and Clinical Procedures for Central Venous Catheter and Arterial Line.

20. Acid Base Balance, Disorders Recognition and Treatment.

21. Initial Assessment, Recognition and Treatment of New-born Complications.

22. Methods of Oxygenation and Non-Invasive Ventilation.

23. Protocols and Procedures for Care of Patient with Thoracic Drain, ( «UNDER WATER SEAL DRAIN»)

24. Total Patient Physical Assessment with the system Observation, Palpation, Percussion and Auscultation.

25. Development of Communication Skills Between Nurse, Doctors, Patients and Their Relatives.

26. Respiratory Infections in Children: Laryngitis, Bronchitis, Bronhiolitis and Pneumonia.

27. Emergency Conditions in Children: Anaphylactic Shock, Asthma, Febrile Convulsions.

28. Clinical Guidelines and Procedures: Insertion of a Naso gastric tube and Patient Care. Blood Culture.

29. Haemorrhage During Pregnancy, during and After Delivery: Immediate Recognition and Treatment.

30. Causes of Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy and CPR in Special Circumstances.

31. Cardiotocographic Monitoring and Recognition of New-born Possible Complications.

32. New Guidelines on Neonatal Life Support.

33. Assessment and Recognition of Child Birth Stages.

34. Clinical Communication, Self- Management and Patient Satisfaction.

35. ECG and Pharmacology.

36. Out of Hospital Medical and Traumatic Emergencies: Recognition and Treatment.

37. Methods of Airway Management and Ventilation with Practise.

38. Trauma Emergencies: Theory and Practise.

39. Cardiac Arrest in and Out of Hospital: Practise Scenarios.

40. Guidelines for Hospital Cleaning and Disinfection (For Cleaners)

41. Safety on In Hospital Medication Administration.

42. Specialized Skills in Caring and Support of sick Children, their Families which Belong to Vulnerable Groups.

43. Sepsis Early Recognition and Treatment: New definitions and Guidelines.

44. Pain, Agitation/Sedation Delirium, Immobility and Sleep Disturbances in ICU: Clinical Guidelines 2018: “PAIDIS QUIDELINES”

45. Procedure of Intravenous Cannulation and Blood Sampling.

46. Initial Assessment and Basic in Hospital Resuscitation: New ERC Guidelines 2021.